Custom-made flax & cotton top mattress

Two week ago I received my new top mattress from Flaxyhome.

It had taken me a sizeable amount of time to narrow in on what I was looking for in the perfect top mattress to complement my organic kapok mattress.

Reading up on amongst others the famous Hästens bed construction (and visiting their flagship store here in Copenhagen), I learned of flax (which is used in addition to horsehair, wool and cotton), which I’d thus far placed somewhere in the 70’s — one of my grandmother’s favourite materials.

I stumbled upon Flaxyhome through a google search. Both the all flax mattresses and the flax and cotton mattresses looked interesting.

The “raw” approach (no glue, organic/natural materials, simple fitting, minimalistick construction principles) appealed to me.

I chose a design with two layers of linen, two layers of flax fibre and a “core” consisting of two layers of cotton.

I asked for an extra firm mattress, which is exactly what I’ve received.

The product photos perfectly reflect the finished mattress. It’s firm, yet soft. I’ve been sleeping on it for a week and am very, very satisfied with my decision to go for a flax mattress.

Production and shipping time were both reasonable. The shipping cost (to Denmark) was a bit pricey compared to e.g. eBay. But the product is also heavy-weight.

To sum up: Flaxyhome’s unique product has lived up to all my (high) expectations.

Se min profil på her.

Photos of the mattress are on their way.